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How can I start translating?

To make the subtitle, both translating the dialogue in the video into the language of your choice and setting the point where the audio starts and ends are required. You can participate in the subtitle production by selecting the task that suits you more!

You can make the subtitle!

If you are meticulous and industrious, start with the Timebar!
Timebar is a tool with which you can fine-tune and adjust the starting and ending of the characters' dialogue. Go Tutorial

Boast your language skills!

If you have the competence in other language, challenge as the Translator!
You can translate the video into a language that you are confident about or take dictation into your mother language.
The subtitle made by users will also be used as the reference script by others.

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    Translator Multiple people can engage in the translation and simultaneously review the outcome in the Translator, the translation tool. Next

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