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Informing you of the changes to V LIVE FANSUBS ‘Privacy Policy’

Dec 27, 2019

Hello. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all members who use V LIVE FANSUBS, and are informing you of the changes to our ‘Privacy Policy’.

Please check the changes to the privacy policy below, and refer to them to use the service.

1. Modification

(1)  We have newly reflected the consignment of treating personal information

Consignment of handling personal information

The company has consigned the personal information for the service supply as below. 


(2) We have newly reflected the trustee company and consigned details.

Trustee company and consigned details

(1) Customer consultation: inComms Inc.

(2) Infrastructure operation for service supply and prevention of illegal use of services: NAVER Business Platform Corp.


(4) System development and operation for service supply: NAVER WEBTOON Corp. 


(3) We have newly reflected the period of retention and use of personal information.
Storing of personal information outside the country


Location: Hong Kong (RM 1808. 18/F HARCOURT RD ADMIRALTY HONG KONG)

Consignment date and method: long-distance transmission using exclusive network for private company since Oct. 1, 2016

Email address of person in charge of information:

Consignment personal information detail: All data including personal information collected in V Fansubs services

Consignment details: Data backup(storage) between the countries to protect user data from disasters and catastrophes

Period of retention of personal information: Same as the retention period mentioned in this Privacy Policy.


2. Date of Change

The revised Privacy Policy will be effective as of Dec 30, 2019.


3. Objections and Inquiries

If you have any questions about the changed “Privacy Policy”, please contact the NAVER Customer Center and we will promptly and kindly guide you.

If you do not agree to the changed “Privacy Policy”, there may be restrictions on the smooth provision of membership services based on the collection of personal information.

In this case, you can file objections with the NAVER Customer Center, and we will do our best to assist you in using the service conveniently.

If the existing member does not want Naver to collect any personal information, he/she can withdraw their membership directly or request this from the customer center.


NAVER promises to protect your personal information more securely in the future, and we will reward you with a more reliable service.


Thank you.